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2018 Kettering FUNd Drive

Your Gift. Your Choice. Be one of 345 faculty and staff members to participate in the FUNd Drive this spring and help us reach 85% participation! As of 4/27/2018, we are at 70%!

2018 Kettering FUNd Drive

As a faculty or staff member your FUNd Drive contribution not only supports our current students but also inspires Alumni, Parents, Friends, Corporations and Foundations to provide support of their own. Our goal is to achieve an impressive 85% participation rate-- an undeniable statement of our confidence in both our University and students.

So give to an area at Kettering that you are passionate about. You can find a complete list of available funds on the Kettering FUNd Drive intranet page. For payroll deduction options, see the FUNd Drive brochure. 

And....socks are back this year. When you make a contribution of $35 or more you will receive an exclusive pair of Bulldog socks as shown here:


Thank you for the many ways you support Kettering students through your words, actions, and dedication; and for taking some time now to invest in our community through your support of the FUNd Drive.

Your FUNd Drive Chairpersons: Ken Williams and Shari Luck