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Celebrate 100 Years: A vs. B

Celebrate 100 Years: A vs B Section Who's in the lead? As of August 5, 2019    A Section = 297 Donors, B Section = 310 Donors, C Section = 18 Donors, D Section = 8 Donors  

Celebrate 100 Years: A vs. B

In recognition of Kettering's Centennial Year, we are hosting a friendly competition to see which section is Better or Awesome. The section with the greatest number of alumni donors will receive special recognition during our Founder's Week Celebration on campus: October 14 - 20, 2019.

When you make a gift to the Kettering Gift Fund or other area of your choice, we will celebrate your gift by posting your name and year in the appropriate section in the Great Court on campus for all to see throughout 2019. (For those of you who don't affiliate yourselves with a particular section, we'll post your recognition accordingly.)

Your support of the Kettering Gift Fund creates unrestricted opportunities for Kettering students. This fund provides University leadership with the resources necessary for enhancements in academics and research, student life activities, as well as the modernization of facilities across campus, ultimately benefiting students' learning experience.

When you give a gift of $35 or more you will receive an exclusive pair of Centennial Bulldog socks to wear throughout Kettering's 100th year.

Your socks will be mailed to the address you provide when you make your gift within 3 - 5 business days. The fair market value of these socks is $7.00. Please contact the Office of Annual Giving at with any questions.